Activities of the company

The company SAE equipment s.r.l. is specialized in the design and manufacturing of professional electronic equipment dedicated to the lighting of railway coaches in general, an activity that has for years been its core business.

All the products supplied meet the most stringent requirements of the existing regulations and rail cogs and are carried out in full compliance with internal procedures. The Quality System of SAE Equipment s.r.l. is in fact certified by TUV according to UNI EN ISO 9001.

Electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps

SAE Equipment is able to provide the full range of ballast among which:

  • 13W 26.5Vdc P / N 200202
  • 18W 26.5Vdc P / N 41126
  • 18W 220Vac P / N 30708
  • 40W 26.5Vdc P / N 120202
  • 40W 72Vdc P / N 30709
  • 40W 24Vdc diagno P / N 3055
  • 40W 220Vac P / N 30707
  • 80W 26.5Vdc P / N 190302
  • 80W 24Vdc diagno P / N 3054
  • 40W 24Vdc Emergency P / N 271102
  • 80W 72Vdc EN50311 P / N 3046
  • Spot LED P / N 31811

    All these products are fully compliant with the International and European technical standards:

  • EN 50155
  • EN 50311
  • UIC 555
  • NF F 16-101/102
  • NF F 62-011
  • EN 13272

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Lighting systems for rolling stock

SAE Equipment s.r.l. is able to offer among other products:

  • Lighting systems with fluorescent lamps or LED tubes;
  • Ballast for fluorescent lamps for railways use;
  • Adjustable ballast for fluorescent dual level railway lamps;
  • Power supply for LED strips;
  • Complete LED strips for railways use;
  • Ballast for emergency lighting on railways coaches;
  • LED reading spots;
  • High efficiency LED spotlights;
  • Halogen lamp spotlights;
  • Train tail lights;
  • PTC temperature sensors for railway rolling stock.